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In this Marshmallow sample box there are 4 different scents. These include:

Marshmallow & Hawaiian Pineapple
An edible fruity fragrance with opening notes of zesty pineapple and creamy coconut followed by a base of sweet sugar candy and soft fluffy marshmallow

Marshmallow & Lemon Buttercream
A sweet edible lemon and sugar icing fragrance with supporting notes of orange, coconut, sweet sugar, vanilla, and fluffy marshmallow.

Marshmallow & Pink Lychee
A scent that excites your senses! To harmonise with the sweetness of marshmallow, notes of fruity and exotic pink lychee have been introduced for truly refreshing twist. 

Marshmallow & Tropical Mango
A mouthwatering combination of soft marshmallow strawberry and juicy mango leading to a creamy base of vanilla and musk

This box weighs approx 200g.
Our full fragrance list, dupe details & CLP info.